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The La Belle Batterie Certificate

Would you risk buying a house without ensuring that the roof doesn’t leak? The battery is the heart of your electric vehicle: make sure it’s in good health!

Feel secure when you buy or sell!

Not knowing the State of Health of your electric-car battery can be risky if you’re looking to buy or sell.

There’s a reliable, independent solution that allows you to check the State of Health of your battery.

This solution is quick and easy, and costs only €29.

Order your La Belle Batterie Kit!

Buy your certificate so you can sell your electric car more easily, or ask the seller of a vehicle you want to buy to certify his or her battery with La Belle Batterie.

Getting your La Belle Batterie label is quick and easy!

You want to certify your battery, but want to test your electric-car battery yourself, anywhere in France, and at the lowest price possible? No worries! Thanks to our Kit and our dedicated app, you can test your battery in five minutes!

Certify your electric car battery

Order your La Belle Batterie Kit and test your battery, to get your battery certificate.